The Electroactive Smart Materials (ESMG) is a group within the Group of Cooperative Phenomena in Dielectrics, from the Center of Physics of the University of Minho also working at the BCMaterials. The group is composed by persons with expertise in different background areas and coordinated by Prof. Senentxu Lanceros-Méndez.

Since almost 10 years of existence, many people have contributed with their best to give rise of our current research spanning from basic material physics to device development. Our work is mainly devoted to polymer smart material and the main research areas and results can be followed in this web site.

This group also gives support, advisory and consulting services to Somatica M&S, Acutus and NanoPaint, all three born as spin-offs from this group and to CeNTI, a R&D Center located at Vila Nova de Famalicão.