Development of application oriented novel materials and structures. Organic, inorganic and hybrid structures are processed and characterized and their application potential established. Most of the material development is oriented to sensor and actuators applications. Other areas such as energy generation and storage are also considered due to the potential of some of the developed materials in these areas.

 Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Composites         


Functional Materials        Micro/Nano Structures       


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Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Composites


Dif Zeolite Clay Materiais CL

SEM image of different zeolite and zeolite/PVDF composite. Dielectric behaviour of the composites prepared with different zeolites.


Clay Materiais CL

SEM image of Montmorillonite clay interaction with PVDF polymer. Functionally graded material produced by the control of temperature throughout the composite film.

 1a materiais PL 1b materiais PL

(a)                                                               (b)

Focus SEM image of the cross section of the 10/90 wt.% PVDF/CoFe2O4 film. b) SEM image of the PVDF/CoFe2O4 nanofibers obtained at 20 kV voltage, 0.5 ml/hour flux, 0.5mm needle diameter, 20 cm collector-needle distance and 20 wt.% of ferrite nanoparticles.

Polymer-based magnetoelectric (ME) materials are an interesting, challenging and innovative research field, that will bridge the gap between fundamental research and applications in the near future.
The values of the magnetoelectric coefficients found on materials such as PVDF/CoFe2O4 films (Figure 1a) and PVDF/CoFe2O4 nanofibers (Figure 1b) as well as the broad range of the magnetic field at which they respond, together with the flexibility, robustness and ease of fabrication related to the polymer-based materials, allow a large range of applications, in particular in the fields of sensors and actuators.


Functional Materials


PHB-CHX materiais Daniela

Morphology of the electrospun fiber membranes of PHB; drug release curves of electrospun fibers with CHX and PHB/PEO with CHX antibacterial activity assays against bacteria's.

PPy-PVDF Juliana

Electrical conductive PVDF/PPy nanocomposites prepared with optimized addition of Py, FeCl3 and HCl at 0 ºC and at varied reaction times: a) 0 min, b) 5 min, c) 2 h, and d) 48 h.

Imagem4 Renato

Schematic illustration of the effect of the concentration, flow rate and applied voltage on PVDF and PVDF composites electrospray/electrospun microstructures.

Fig1 Devices Catarina L

Scheme of polymer dipoles interaction with diferente Ag nanoparticles size: 6 nm, 27 nm and 60 nm, responsible for the electroactive phase crystallization of the PVDF polymer.

Fig2 Devices Catarina L

Different zeolite-type microposorus materials used on the production of sensors.

 Micro/Nano Structures


Particulas Renato

Electroactive polymer and polymer composites nano and microparticles obtained through nanoprecipitation method.

AFM Local Vitor S

Electroactive polymer and polymer composites nano and microparticles obtained through nanoprecipitation method.

 Main References

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