Postdoctoral Researchers


Vitor Sencadas - Degree & MSc in Materials Engineering and PhD in Physics: Preparation and optimization of the process conditions of electroactive materials for scaffold applications. Especially materials with tailored nanostructure and pourous distribution, electrical and mechanical properties and the influence of such parameters in cell/scaffold interaction.



PhD Students


Pedro Martins -  PhD in Physics: New generation of photocatalytic nanocomposit: production, characterization and environmental applications. 2018


Gabriel Mendes - PhD in Physics: Tribos transformation of Escherichia coli JM109. 2017. 


Silvia Reis - PhD in Physics: Development and characterisation of sensors fabricated from polymer-based magnetoelectric composites. 2017.


Daniel Miranda - PhD in Physics: Optimizing performance of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries through computer simulations. 2017.


Renato Gonçalves - PhD in Materials Engineering: High performance magnetoelectric nanocomposite morphologies for advanced applications. 2017.


Daniela Correia - PhD in Materials Engineering: Three dimensional scaffolds based on electroactive polymers for tissue engineering applications. 2016.


Armando Ferreira - PhD in physics: Development of a pressure sensor network system for static and dynamic measurement. Application to the lower limb/prosthesis pressure mapping. 2014.


Sofía Fernández - PhD: Optimization of laminated multiferroic and magnetoelectric micro and nanocomposites based on electroactive polymers for advanced applications. 2015.


Susana Catarino - PhD in Biomedical Engineering: Modeling, simulation and implementation of the phenomenon of acoustic streaming produced by piezoelectric polymers for fluids micropumping and microagitation in microfluidic devices. 2014.


Hélder F. Castro - PhD in Electronic Engineering and Computers: Development of passive and chipless RFID tags for use in home textiles products. 2014.


Juan Pérez - PhD in Biotechnology: Active biomaterials for cell culture under mechanical stimulus applied to cartilage tissue engineering. 2014.


Marcos Silva Martins - PhD in Electronics and Computer Engineering, Degree and MSc in Electronics: Ultrasonic Wireless Broadband Communication System for Underwater Applications. 2013.


Ana Catarina Lopes - PhD and MSc in Science - Physics: Development of electroactive polymer composites with porous structured materials. 2013.


Jaime Silva - PhD in Physics: Study and optimization of the macroscopic response of carbon based nanocomposites for advanced applications. 2013.


Vítor Manuel Gomes CorreiaPhD in Industrial Electronic Engineering and Computers: Development of piezoresistive sensors for biomedical applications. 2013.


Pedro Filipe Ribeiro da Costa - PhD in Materials Engineering: Development of mechanical, electrical and electromechanical properties of copolymer styrene-butadiene-styrene with carbon nanotubes composites. 2013.


João Nunes-Pereira - PhD in Physics: Polyvinylidene fluoride based nanocomposites for the development of energy systems. 2013.


Vanessa Cardoso - PhD in Biomedical Engineering: Polymer-based acoustic streaming for microfluidic applications. 2012.


Jieci Wang - PhD in Physics: Study in quantum networks and quantum correlations in multipartite quantum systems. 2012.


Paulo Cardoso - PhD in Physics: A study on the electrical properties of carbon nanofibre polymer composites. 2012.


Antonio J. Paleo Vieito - A study of the physical properties of carbon nanofiber reinforced polypropylene composites. 2012.


Paulo CardosoPhD in Physics: A study of the electrical properties of carbon nanofiber polymer composites. 2012.


Sérgio Firmino Soares MendesPhD in Sciences: Efeito do tamanho de grão e concentração de cerâmico em compósitos de Poli (Fluoreto de Vinilideno) - cerâmico. 2012.


Clarisse Marta de Oliveira RibeiroPhD in Physics: Processing and characterization of piezoelectric polymers for tissue engineering applications. 2012.


Pedro Libânio de Abreu MartinsPhD in Physics: Magnetoelectric nanocomposites based on electroactive polymers. 2012.


Vítor SencadasPhD in Physics: Influência das condições de processamento na morfologia, microestrutura e fase cristalina do poli(fluoreto de vinilideno) e a sua relação com as propriedades mecânicas e dieléctricas. 2009.



Grant Holder Researchers


Filipa Monteiro - Degree in Materials Science and Engineering and MSc in Materials Science and Engineering focused on biomedical materials. Research member and promoter of PDA project (Antibacterial Dental Prosthetics).



Master Students


Sorry for not appearing your names, they are more than 140, nevertheless all your work was paramount for the success of this group.