Monitoring magnetic particles synthesis using precision magnetophoresis
Researchers at Centro de Física of the Universidade do Minho (Braga, Portugal) have used Sepmag LAB precision magnetophoresis equipment to characterize the behaviour of magnetic nanoparticle suspensions throughout their synthesis process.

In several recently published scientific papers, Dr. Maria Benelmekki and co-workers report on the effect of the stabilizing electrostatic energy on the magnetic separation process, showing that a change in the surface charge has a strong effect on the separation time of magnetic nanoparticles.

These findings are key to improve the performance of magnetic beads: future applications can be optimized by controlling each step of the synthesis monitoring magnetophoretical behaviour.

Sepmag´s systems provide homogeneous and completely reproducible biomagnetic separation conditions. These well controlled conditions, together with the possibility to monitor the process, benefit a broad range of applications.

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