R&D Success Case: Novel multitouch interactive surfaces!


The company Creative Bitbox and the ESM group developed the project "Interactive multitouch surfaces based on electroactive polymers", under QREN funding.
This project resulted in a new generation of flexible touchscreens based on printed polymer technologies, allowing for reduced production costs and efficiency. Several sensing technologies were implemented leading to disrupting interfaces that can include multitouch, transparency, flexibility and large areas, among others. In this way, this technology paves the way to new applications in areas including sport, entertainment, biomedical....






Another R&D Success Case!


The project "LSG – Lighting Sensing Glass" was developed by the companies VICER, TELLUS MATER, SOMATICA and the ESM group, under the QREN funding, and it was positively evaluated by the "ANI – Agência Nacional de Inovação" committee in July 2015.

The product consist of a glass that produces sound and switches on/off the LED's inside the glass simultaneously when pressed by a finger or object in a specific or any place of its surface. This technology can be used as floors, stairs, walls, windows and showcases, in different areas such as entertainment, security, information and publicity.





R&D Success Case!

The company JOFEBAR METAL WORKS with the support of the ESM group developed a "Sliding Window by Magnetic Levitation", under QREN funding.
This system allows the reduction of mechanical components in sliding systems for large windows, reducing maintenance costs. This innovation leads to a system with low structural impact and reduced energy consumption. Further it can be installed on any sliding system, increasing the viability of the system. Finally, it allows installation of automatic sliding in home-automation systems, improving security, environmental and energy management in household.

This project deserved a place in the "R&D Success Cases Conference" under QREN ("Conferência Casos de Sucesso de IDT no âmbito QREN"), that took place in Mira, Portugal, in 26 of June 2015.






R&D Success Case: new materials for "Long life cables"!


Medium and high voltage power cables depend intrinsically of their electrical and dielectric properties. The company Grupo Cabelte develop new solutions for this area through the project "Long Life Cables" under QREN funding and supported by the ESM group.
The water tree (WT) growth is one of the main issues regarding the lifetime of the materials and new solutions have been develop to increases resistance to WT propagation and, thereby, increasing power cables lifetime.





1st Workshop on Fundamentals and Applications on Electroactive Polymers


The 1st Workshop on Fundamentals and Applications on Electroactive Polymers with interesting talks and posters by many of the group members !
Who we are, what we do, what we want to be and how to achieve excellence together...





Shaping batteries future...


Our paper "Poly(vinylidene fluoride)-based, co-polymer separator electrolyte membranes for lithium-ion battery systems" published on "Journal of Power Sources" (2014) has been considered "Highly Cited Paper" (citations in the top 1% of its academic field)!







In press


Showing the community, which great pleasure, what our group does... also with great pleasure.
ESM – working for a better world!!!

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Printing Technologies Workshop

First Workshop on "Printing technologies: from theory to practice" of the ESM group. Congratulations Vitor and the "students" Carlos, Bruna, Juliana, Nelson and Ricardo.
From sensors and actuators to batteries and biomedical aplications.....ESM... Printing the Future!!!




Voicetek collaboration

Visit from Lawrence Henry (from Voicetek) for discussion, evaluation and testing the potential use of our piezoresistive inks on their products!!!
Successful meeting with a nice proof of concept... that opened great collaboration perspectives!!!
Smart solutions ... for smart products

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The future in “Campus de Couros”

Amazing time spent on the beautiful "Campus de Couros" where the Product Design Course and the Institute of Design of "Universidade do Minho" are located!!!
On it were "designed" new collaborations on emerging "product" technologies.

Thanks Pedro Branco and Paulo Cruz for the warm reception...





Nice journal cover for an ESM paper

The paper "Piezoelectric polymers: characteristics, applications and perspectives" was one of the selected main papers of the December 2014 issue of the "Gazeta de Física"!




The 24th Communications Congress

Juliana, Nelson, Rui and Vitor at the 24th Communications Congress, Lisbon, Portugal (19th and 20th November) showing the latest innovations of the ESM group. Great innovations... that pay the attention of quite distinguished guests!
Low right: His Excellency Professor Aníbal Cavaco Silva, the President of the Republic of Portugal...




Back to the future

The first conference of the group was in 2005 in Aveiro .... and a similar picture was taken in the same place in 2014! In the year 2005 with all the group.... in 2014... with a small part of this highly dynamic and competitive group!!! Time seem to pass nicely by the people of this group.
Deep thanks to all that with great enthusiasm contributed to this great adventure!!!

 Image History



Nanopaint - Top 5 University Projects


The TV show "Jornal Diário" from Porto Canal highlights the "Nanopaint" project, coordinated by Professor Senentxu Lanceros-Mendez...


Nanopaint on TV


Nanopaint on "O Seu Dinheiro" from RTP-Informação TV channel.

"The Nanopaint idea is to develop and commercialize electroactive inks based on nanotechnology. Such inks can be used for printing flexible sensors to be implemented in areas such as textiles, sports and biomedical".


Nanopaint and Electroactive Smart Materials Group on the News


Imagine a inkjet printer able to print sensors and electronic circuits...The Nanopaint project want that!!!


Electroactive Smart Materials 


Electroactive Smart Materials Group on national TV in the scope of the program "Fibernamics"! See us talking about recent developments and future trends on fiber materials for smart sensing in the sport area (special attention after minute 22!).


 Electroactive Smart Materials Group on the news


Smart prosthesis is a Project developed by ESMG, from the physics center at University of Minho. The goal is to specifically create tailor made prosthesis for each clinical situation.



Article in Polymer Science


Artigo Polymer Science JournalIn this life, not always the biggest is the most important, however, today lets think big. The paper "Electroactive phases of poly(vinylidene fluoride): determination, processing and applications" has been accepted on Progress of Polymer Science Journal (5-Year Impact Factor: 31.7).

Keep up the good work Catarina, Pedro, Senentxu and the whole group.

And for now, let's return to work.


Nanopaint awarded in SpinUM


Nanopaint awarded

The winning idea of the "SpinUM 1st Prize" 2013 was NANOPAINT – Design your Technology" , from our group. The promoters are José Carlos Ferreira, José da Rocha, Juliana Oliveira, Senen Lanceros-Mendez and Sylvie Ribeiro.

This good idea aims to develop and commercialize electroactive inks te be used in innovative applications such as flexible sensors and actuators.

Congratulations and lets start printing ideas.